The Enormous Power of Ad Viralizer!

Ad Viralizer is an extremely exceptional powerful program! It creates an endless supply of non-stop flow of traffic who are interested prospects to the websites of our members. You will get an extreme amount of visits to your website GUARANTEED using this free traffic generator! There is just one simple and easy, but very important requirement, and there is absolutely no way around it. You have to get signups personally, or the whole website traffic generator won’t work very well at all!

To see why referring new people is a must, let’s have a close look at this system for the best free generating traffic . The second there are some people referred by you, they will form your “first level”, as thats what its called (these advertisers will then have your ad in position #2 on their webpages) and as long as at least a few of them promote and refer new members themselves, your ad and your page will be presented to more and more potential prospects to sign up to your programs or apps, whatever your marketing at this time with the best free traffic generator. 

But Keep in mind that your ad will always remain in the #1 ad position on your own Ad Viralizer page. And your ad will always remain in the #2 ad position on the pages of everyone who’ve signed up directly under you. And in the #3 position of the Ad Viralizer pages of everyone who signed up below but referred by you. And so on and so on, until your ad gets to be in the #6 position

Also Every new advertiser posting their ad has to click on all six links and spend a minimum of 15 seconds on each page – including your ad! Your ad will then be present on all the pages of all the Ad Viraliser advertisers 5 levels deep, going through all of the six positions on that page. As a result of this website traffic generator you will have an amazing large amount of FREE traffic using this free traffic generator . Which is a big goal marketing for an online business.

It should be clear now that referring new advertisers is must for your success! If you do absolutely nothing, then the best free traffic generator just won’t work for you or anybody else. People referred by you is what will make “viralizing” of your ad totally possible. How many should a person refer? Considering that most people you refer will hopefully be into working the system like you, I would set a goal of at least ten signups. Believe me, it’s really quite easy! In theory you can stop working the free traffic generator after referring a good number of people, but what if many people in your downline or group decide to stop as well? My advice is to do some regular promotion and don’t totally stop even after building a sizeable downline or group – you don’t want to be just satisfied with a bit when you easily can have a lot using the best free traffic generator online today!

There is another good reason using this website traffic generator and why promoting increases the traffic. The moment you refer at least one marketer, you can place a Power Ad – this ad will appear on thousands of front pages, right above the six numbered ads you need to get codes from. This ad is selected at random from the whole pool of Power ads. The more personal signups you have, the bigger the chance of your ad being selected! Power ad of the member who referred 10 people is displayed at least 5 times more often than of the one who signed up only 2. Go checkout “Promote Ad Viralizer” for suggestions and all the free advertising tools you get with the best free traffic generator this system has to offer. This website traffic generator system is very easy to use and promote – everybody who has an online business needs traffic and this free traffic generator if good is where it’s at and most wanted.

You can setup your Ad Viralizer webpage right now and later on in the day you may 2 or 3 signups and in your first week 5 to 10 sign-ups so just think how many you could have in a month and in a year! Get ready for some extreme visitors and major traffic with the best free traffic generator to your website and offers! Remember, this website traffic generator system doesn’t just give your ad exposures, it includes GUARANTEED VISITORS to your Website and offers, because participants are required to visit your website and spend time on it. You just need to do some easy and simple tasks from the start, Viralizer will keep bringing more and more eager prospects to your web page and offers using the best free traffic generator!

Here Is a Conservative Example:

If every advertizer brings in

(select number and display will recalculate).

6 people join from your page: 1 x 6 Your ad on 6 pages
6 signups from these 6 pages: 6 x 6 Your ad on 36 pages
6 signups from these 36 pages: 6 x 36 Your ad on 216 pages
6 signups from these 216 pages: 6 x 216 Your ad on 1,296 pages
6 signups from these 1,296 pages: 6 x 1,296 Your ad on 7,776 pages
6 signups from these 7,776 pages: 6 x 7,776 Your ad on 46,656 pages

Total Hits: 55,986
You Get 55,986 Websites Displaying

Get the codes and submit your ad !

Tools of Promotion

It is very important to promote your Ad Viralizer page. The better you “seed” your website traffic generator with a base of advertisers, the faster and more efficient your exponential traffic growth will occur.

After that, things will pretty much go by themselves. The advertisers who sign up below you will bring in more signups. Then the ones who sign up below them will do the same. As the result, you’ll be getting getting massive, fast growing traffic to your website with the best free traffic generator!

1. Using Text Links

Text links are very effective, in fact they often outperform banner ads these days especially using the best free traffic generator AD VIRALIZER! 

Most of the advertising programs, like Traffic Exchanges, Ad Boards, Link Exchanges, Text ad exchanges, etc., ask you for the URL address (in most cases you use the one in the field above) and a one-line ad of limited length. Your ad will be displayed as a clickable link. Here are some examples, you can use them as they are, or adjust them to your liking: all with this free traffic generator.

  • Get A Million+ of Guaranteed Visitors – FREE!
  • An Endless Stream of Qualified Prospects!
  • Amazingly Powerful FREE Method of Generating Traffic!
  • Your Free Ad on Thousands of Pages!

2. Using Banner Ads

Although banners lately don’t produce the same incredible results they used to create in late 90s, they are worth using, provided that you use only free methods and saturate the advertising field. If you are already using Traffic Exchanges, List Builders, etc., put as many bunners up as you can there, don’t hold back your banners and you will get results using this website traffic generator!

Most places that accept banners don’t need the complete code, they ask for URL address of the banner image file and the URL to your offer page. In our case it will be the URL address of your main Ad Viralizer page, listed at the beginning of this page that you will attach to these banners using the best free traffic generator.

3. Using Splash Pages

We use Splash pages when there is just a short time to create a surf-stopping first impression. That always includes Traffic Exchanges and also – very often – SafeLists and List Builders

Splash pages generally don’t include lead capturing form, they just prompt the prospect to click and go to your main page. We now offer with this free traffic generator you only splash pages because they proved to be more effective with our kind of offer.

4. Using Ad Viralizer Top Bar

Top Ad Bar promotes your Ad Viralizer page, while displaying your other offer page below. This way you promote two offers at the same time. It also works as an URL Shortener and a Hit Tracker

Our URL Cloaker is a way to hide your affiliate links from hackers and make them shorter, if they are too long.

It is also a powerful promotional tool both for Ad Viralizer and your offer. Advertising Bar. When your prospect clicks on your cloaker generated link, it opens your offer page with a narrow bar at the top, advertising Ad Viralizer. Clicking on this bar opens your Ad Viralizer page. You are promoting your offer and your Ad Viralizer page at the same time! Pop-Under page. If you check the “POP BOX” in the form below ,

your Ad Viralizer page will be placed behind your offer page. If the prospect closes the offer page, Ad Viralizer page will still be there.We give you the choice, because some Traffic Exchanges, List Builders and such don’t allow any “pop-ups” or “pop-unders”.

For those you should generate links with POP BOX unchecked. Tracking with URL Cloaker. Generate several cloaked links with different tags for, say Traffic Exchanges, List Builders and other places you advertise. Number of clicks on each link appear in the table of links.


5. Using Emails

These pre-written emails could be copied or, even better, changed to reflect your taste and ideas. Change your subjects often, there are several suggestions below. To avoid spam complaints, mail only to opt-in lists. You can also use them successfully with Safelists and List Builders with Ad Viralizer.

  • Subject – Non-stop flow of guaranteed prospects!
  • Subject – Get 1 Million Real Visitors For Free!
  • Subject – Your F R E E Ad on Thousands of Pages!

BODY – Never pay for your advertising again!

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What really makes the difference as to whether you make money or go bust is all dependent on how many people see your site each day.

If you only get 10 to 100 people per day visit your site, you might as well give up now.

What if you could get 1 million visitors in the next 30 days? Would that make your sales increase?

What if you could guarantee that all these visitors were real people, and they would be on your site for at least 10 seconds each? And what if you could get all this completely free?

Would your bank balance be able to take the strain as the sales poured in?

There’s an incredible new marketing system that can easily and very realistically send you over a million guaranteed real visitors to your website, and it won’t cost you a thing.

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